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White wine kit Sauvignon Blanc On The House 23L


Tuotenumero 10031404 Tuoteryhmä

Wine with character of herbaceous with green fruits.

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White wine kit – Sauvignon Blanc

Sweetness: 0/10
Body: 2/5
Oak: 1/3

This wine kit includes:
• 6 l concentrated grape juice
• Oak
• Wine yeast
• Clarifying agent
• Stabiliser
• Instructions in English and French

On the House is the entry-level series of wine kits from Winexpert. It offers excellent value and is the ideal choice for those wishing to make easy drinking, early maturing wines. With On the House, you can create your own light to medium bodied wines with ease.

They are easy to make and even easier to enjoy. It is simple and straightforward. Choose your favourite wine style and be proud of these easy-drinking everyday house wines.

Each Winexpert On the House series wine kit contains 8 kg grape juice concentrate, includes easy to follow instructions, and yields up to 30 bottles in 4 weeks.The wine will continue to develop, and can be stored in the carboy or in the bottle for added depth of character. However, prolonged ageing is not necessary for these wines to reach their peak.


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