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Keykeg 30 litres


Tuotenumero 50206500 Tuoteryhmät ,

Single-use portable plastic keg for beer and cider.

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KeyKeg Slimline 30l

KeyKegs are 30 litre one-way kegs, made from recycled plastic containers and aluminium-plastic polymer. KeyKegs are an affordable, low-maintenance container option for small breweries, as they do not require logistics for returns or infrastructure for maintenance and cleaning.

Thank’s to it’s Double-Wall -technology, Keykegs keep your beverages fresher for longer periods of time after opening, compared to traditional kegs. This technology makes it possible to empty the keg using air pressure instead of carbon dioxide, as gas is not in contact with the fluid.

Keykegs in a nutshell

  • Volume: 30l
  • Weight when empty: 1,50kg
  • Double-Wall™ technology
  • High internal pressure tolerance
  • Recyclable
  • Steady, can be piled
  • Clear instructions of use
  • Full pallet contains 48 units


Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg

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