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Electric crown capper Ercole Ferrari


Tuotenumero 51217700 Tuoteryhmät ,

Electric crown capper machine for capping bottles with 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps or plastic champagne stoppers quickly and effortlessly.

-Quick and efficient for hobbyists and professionals
-No need for a compressor
-Including accessories for 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps and plastic champagne stoppers
-Easily adjustable
-Silent operation

Available on back-order


The Ercole electric bottle capping machine effortlessly caps most commonly used bottles with crown corks and plastic champagne stoppers. This crown capper is the ideal solution for brewers who do not have a bottling line, but still want to bottle a considerable amount of bottles, or for demanding amateur brewers who are only satisfied with the best tools for their hobby.

The device is easily adjustable for different bottle sizes. Accessories for 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps and plastic champagne stoppers are supplied. Unlike the pneumatic version, there is no need for a compressor or any other device; which ensures silent operation. 

Safety first

As a safety measure, two-hand controls are required for powering on. The protective cover, when correctly positioned, protects you from injury.


  • Max. bottle height: 380 mm
  • Max. bottle diameter: 145 mm
  • Electric motor: 24 V (DC)
  • Down speed crimping cup: 20 mm per second
  • Closing force: 1000 N = 100 kg
  • 100-240 V (AC) / 50-60 Hz

Additional information

Weight 13,8 kg


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