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Bag-in-box 3 litres - 1 pcs


Tuotenumero 50203000 Tuoteryhmä Tag

Easy to use, food-grade plastic bag with and integrated tap for packaging wine or fresh pressed juice.

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Plastic bag-in-box -bag, 3 litres

Single use, ready to fill, food-grade plastic bag-in-box with an integrated tap. Excellent choice for packaging larger quantities of juice, wine and other non-carbonated beverages.

Bags-in-box keep you beverage fresh for up to 2 years after filling. They can be filled with hot liquid and can be refrigerated. The integrated tap keeps oxygen out of bag, so beverages remain usable for up to a month after opening.

The total volume of the bag is large than the filling volume by up to 20%. Do not fill the bag to it’s maximum capacity. The container does not work with carbonated beverages or handle rises in internal pressure, so make sure fermentation of wine has completely stopped before filling the bags.

Available in single units and larger

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